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Our chef's obsession with ingredient quality is what sets Omakase sushi boxes apart. They consistently exceed expectations because they are crafted with the freshest and most exquisite ingredients available. Whether it means waking up before the sun to scour the Auckland Fish Market or building relationships with fish merchants across New Zealand, Anthony Price's commitment to quality is unwavering. It is this genuine dedication that has earned him a loyal following of sushi enthusiasts who appreciate the care and attention he puts into every box he creates.

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Anthony Price's sushi boxes are a true testament to the Japanese concept of Omakase, where the chef is trusted to select the best ingredients and dishes to delight customers. By using only the freshest, highest quality products available on the day, craftmanship comes through in every bite of your sushi. The element of surprise and excitement adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience, with clients never knowing exactly what they will get. Ingredients are selected daily, from the best of the day's catch. Do you trust the chef?

The Temaki Box is a curated selection of high quality sushi ingredients. This premium kit makes it easy to enjoy the art of sushi-making  at home, in the office or on-the-go. This is the ideal interactive culinary experience for a romantic date night, a team-building event, or simply to enjoy with friends and family. With the Temaki Sushi Box, you can create a sushi masterpiece wherever you are. Temaki is about something you make together, and something you make for each other. 


Red Caviar Sushi

OMAKASE  sushi boxes are unbeatable. The quality of the ingredients and the creative flavour combinations make them a true work of art. I can't get enough

Payton Hillman

The team loved the Omakase temaki box. The ingredients were carefully chosen, and the guidance made it a fun and interactive experience. We'll be ordering again!

Riley Jones

The  bento box was outstanding.  I appreciate the customization options and will definitely be ordering again!

Robert Lee

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omakase sushi logo
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